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    Institute of Physiology Department of Neurophysiology


    Institute of Physiology
    Department of Physiology - Neurophysiology (Chair: Prof. Dr. Manfred Heckmann)

    Röntgenring 9
    D-97070 Würzburg

    Contact person: Dr. Tobias Langenhan

    Phone+49 (0)931 31-88595

    Secretary: vacant; contact person Kerstin Ford

    Phone+49 (0)931 31-82731
    Fax+49 (0)931 31-82741

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    How to find us

    The University of Würzburg provides regional maps including all universitary institutions. The exact location of the Institute of Physiology is marked on the map Campus Röntgenring.

    Alternatively, you can find us with GoogleMaps.

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